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Ite Missa Est - Deo Gratias

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  1. The celebrant turning to the people sings Dominus vobiscum (the usual introduction to any announcement), and remains facing them. When the choir has answered, the deacon turns round and, with hands joined, sings Ite missa est to its proper tone, the choir answering Deo gratias to .
  2. The first phrase, "Ite, missa est" (Go, this is the dismissal), is sung by the priest celebrating the Mass. The choir (and in older practice, the congregation) responds with "Deo gratias" (Thanks be to God). NAWM 3k is an example of an Ite, missa est in mode 1. Note that the melody is the same as the first statement of the Kyrie, NAWM 3b.
  3. Mar 16,  · Ite missa est certainly precedes the Tridentine Ordinary by many centuries. At Requiems (since they have no preceding Gloria) Ite missa est is not said. In this case the versicle is Requiescant in pace. The response is “Amen” instead of Deo Gratias.
  4. Ite, missa est are the concluding words addressed to the people in the Mass of the Roman matchfursdettiveper.chiofootingquadriparposonordlinklimo.infoinfo exact meaning of the words is disputed, it has the effect of "Go", or "It is Sent", but the term "Mass" (in Latin, missa) derives from this matchfursdettiveper.chiofootingquadriparposonordlinklimo.infoinfo the reforms of , at Masses without the Gloria, Benedicamus Domino was said instead. The response of the people (or, in the Tridentine Mass.
  5. Watch Antonin Dvorak: Deo Gratias Full Movie IN HD Visit:: Gregorian Chant: Ite, missa est Deo gratias by Paul McCreesh - Topic. Antonín Dvořák - The Golden Spinning Wheel
  6. Ite, missa est has the meaning "Go, it is the dismissal," to which the assembly responds Deo gratias, "Thanks be to God." The Ite, missa est is used at all Latin Masses except the evening Mass of Holy Thursday, other Masses followed by a procession, and Masses for the Dead (see re quiem mass; for its medieval liturgical use, see benedicamus.
  7. V. Ite, missa est. (Go, the mass is ended.) R. Deo gratias. (Thanks be to God.) Programme Notes (verbatim from the first concert performance) The last and latest work on the programme (some of the percussion parts were still being written out in full as late as Wednesday), in some ways hearkens back to the earliest traditions of music history.I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No.: IPL 2.
  8. Ite Missa Est This is the versicle chanted in the Roman Rite by the deacon at the end of Mass, after the Post-Communions. It is our formula of the old dismissal (apolutis) still contained in all matchfursdettiveper.chiofootingquadriparposonordlinklimo.infoinfo is undoubtedly one of the most ancient Roman formulae, as may be seen from its archaic and difficult matchfursdettiveper.chiofootingquadriparposonordlinklimo.infoinfo: Catholic Answers.
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